Fair Dismissals

In order for an employer to be able to successfully defend a claim for unfair dismissal in the CCMA or the Labour Court, the dismissal must be both substantively and procedurally fair. 

We are experts in assisting clients in evaluating whether there are sufficient substantive reasons to effect a fair dismissal for misconduct, incapacity – poor performance, incapacity – ill health and a dismissal based on operational requirements i.e. retrenchment. 

We are also experts in assisting clients to prepare for and present the necessary information or evidence to meet the requirements for a fair dismissal. This includes the drafting of appropriate and necessary notices to initiate the relevant processes and providing checklists. In addition we are experienced in assisting clients to properly prepare their witnesses and to present their cases at hearings.

We have vast experience and expertise in chairing disciplinary and incapacity hearings where appropriate.