Debt Recovery

We are living in a time of unprecedented debt, business rescue and insolvencies and we know that outstanding debts consume the working capital of any business often with disastrous effects on cash flow.

Welcome to a respected firm of attorneys that has an outstanding debt recovery rate. With a wealth of experience in the recovery of debt Gavin Weiner & Associates Attorneys is a well-established law firm that enjoys the full trust and confidence of its clients.

If your business is unable to collect its outstanding debts, it would be a sound business decision to use the services of a professional law firm such as Gavin Weiner & Associates Attorneys instead of dedicating time and resources by trying to collect the debt yourself.

Gavin Weiner & Associates Attorneys will endeavor to help its clients avoid taking time consuming and expensive legal action against their debtors. In order to achieve this, we will make use pre-legal collection methods to recover your debt, and only institute legal action only once we have exhausted all other debt collection options.

Our process of debt recovery is simple and efficient and is as follows.

As soon as a client instructs us to recover a debt, we request that they provide us with all relevant documentation related to debt and the debtor. We acknowledge receipt of all handovers immediately by email.

After receipt of all the relevant information and where a debtor has “gone missing”, we will trace them ourselves and if we are unable to do so, we will use the services of reputable tracing agents on a no-trace no-charge basis.

After we have the necessary information on the debtor, we will contact them by email and phone to demand payment. Debtors are informed of the risk of being listed on the National Credit Bureau. After we have received a payment commitment, we will ensure that payment is made immediately and where necessary an acknowledgement of debt will be put in place to ensure that payment is received. We will always attempt to have the debtor agree to pay our client’s legal costs. If a debtor refuses to pay due to a dispute, we will immediately attempt to resolve the dispute to ensure prompt payment.

If a debtor fails to pay, we will institute legal action to ensure payment is effected and before doing so we will discuss the cost and explain the process and obtain their permission to proceed.

Where required by clients, we are able to provide an approach that will preserve customer relations as we understand the importance of retaining existing customers. In order to achieve this, we treat your debtor customers with the necessary respect and attempt to amicably resolve any disputes.

In addition to the provision of debt recovery services to our clients, we have the expertise to draft credit agreements, which provide clients with essential and necessary protections, to improve their prospects of recovering bad debts and speed up the process. These protections include suretyship agreements, and clauses to assist clients to recover their legal costs and interest.